Choose a paper bag supplier fit for a king to produce your packaging solutions

The world’s gone wedding fever mad as the Royal wedding gets closer and closer. If you are producing royal wedding souvenirs and keepsakes they will need packaging solutions which will do them justice, and will keep them safe for many years to come. Golden Choice is a packaging company that produces a wide range of high quality, yet affordable packaging solutions for you to choose from that can do just the job!

As Royal Wedding fever sets in its predicted that a staggering 1.1 million people from all over the world will be headed for London in time to see Prince William and Kate Middleton say ‘I do’ at Westminster Abbey on the 29th April.

In the run up to the big day thousands of retailers are preparing to launch their collection of royal wedding memorabilia and collectibles which will be aimed at tourists and Brits alike. However, to set your merchandise apart from everyone else’s it is vital to have eye catching packaging solutions , such as paper merchandise bags and custom gift boxes.

For such a marked occasion not just any packaging solutions will do; Golden Choice packaging company can help you to decide upon the right choice of packaging to suit your brand, and the items you are planning to sell.

They can also help you to decide on an attention grabbing, suitable design for your packaging solutions that will set you apart from all the other retailers who will be selling the same, or similar royal wedding merchandise. Bespoke packaging can also help to create an excited buzz around your products, and can be used to increase brand awareness too- as long as you have carefully chosen your packaging solutions and the design which is printed on them.

Golden Choice is a packaging company and paper bag supplier that unlike other companies is able to communicate clearly with the paper bag manufacturers in the east. This ensures that only the highest quality packaging solutions are produced. Golden Choice is also able to produce competitively priced affordable packaging solutions, by taking advantage of buying in bulk.

However, despite the advantages of bulk buying your packaging solutions each and every paper bag Golden Choice produces is handmade and is put through a number of quality checks, so that you receive a final product which is fit for a king!