Golden Choice is a UK based Regional Office for the finest manufacturers and exporters in the Far Eastern packaging industry for UK, European and Global market.

Our luxury paper bags and boxes are handmade by highly skilled workers who provide first class carriers for the finest fashion retail stores, up-market shops, distinctive hotels and renowned businesses. You can be assured of our stability, quality, focus and reliability.


The manufacturing plants are located in Dong Guan & Shenzhen and our main plant have achieved UK ISO 9001 certification and are currently in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification as part of its commitment to global environmental concerns.

Why choose us?

As bespoke luxury packaging supplier, we produce the finest packaging products custom-made to order with touch of passion. Most of our products are made of paper and are recyclable, reusable, sustainable and handmade with low energy consumption.

The far East

It's no secret that high-value luxury goods that require a large amount of human labour to fabricate and assemble in small quantites cannot be made in the UK at prices anywhere near those obtainable in China.

However, dealing with complex print and finishing requirements in a far away country can be fraught with problems and pitfalls, the major ones being the language and a totally different cultural mindset which lead in turn to misunderstandings, lack of quality, missed deadlines and overall disappointment.



Our factories in UK & Europe are able to provide best solutions for smaller quantity production, fast delivery and more modest requirements that make mass production from China unsuitable.

Make Golden Choice your choice

Golden Choice is personally directed by Lee, who speaks fluent Mandarin and some other Chinese dialects too. Lee has lived in South London, UK, for some 20 years and thus is able to understand the exacting standards of both UK retailers while being able to converse clearly with Chinese manufacturers in China and Hong Kong.

The impressive client list to date demontrates a proven track record and ability to deliver work of the utmost precision and quality, for extremely exacting clients and designers.

You can create your own bespoke sides with multicolour printing, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 bags with a mass production lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks. For outstanding quality images you can have it screen printed in multiple colours or by transfer print. You can specify the size of bag and choose from a wide range of colours to create your ideal carrier bag.

The gallery pages of this website will allow you to see some of the impressive clients we have worked with to achieve their aims.

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